What is LVR?

  The mortgage industry has a language all of its own. One of the many acronyms thrown about is ‘LVR’, which stands for ‘Loan-to-valuation Ratio’. Let me explain… When you are working out …

Low interest rates

Should You Refinance?

With interest rates at a record low, now is the perfect time to look into refinancing your home loan (switching to another product or switching to a different lender). Refinancing …

country home

Tips for Buying Rural Property

There are many factors that can make it difficult to obtain finance when purchasing rural property, as lenders can be very strict with their lending criteria. Some important factors to consider include: …

SMSF Case Study

Case Study – SMSF Loans

Michelle’s settlement agent recommended that she consult a finance broker who specialised in SMSF lending. At their first meeting, the MFAA accredited broker presented her with a handful of lenders who were able to assist with SMSF loans.

Pros and Cons of a Line of Credit

A line of credit (LOC), also called a home equity loan, allows mortgagees to access the equity in their property as needed. It can be a standalone product or almost any type of existing loan can be split with an LOC. Interest is usually slightly higher than the standard variable rate.